So, Here’s Some News About a Book

Aaaaand, it’s official:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.45.53 AM

Unlike my last book, my new book will not be made entirely of pictures. (I know — what?!?) It’s pretty much all words! Let me explain —

Ever since I was wee-small, I’ve been driven by the need to get things right. It always seemed to me that if I could just find the answer / ace the test / make the correct choice, I’d have everything: safety, love, success. If you’re that way, too — or you love someone who is — you know that type-A mindset can only take you so far. Eventually it sinks in that there isn’t always a right answer, and that choosing one thing means letting something else go. That knowledge is either maddening or freeing, depending on what you do with it.

Anyway: I’ve been writing about that, and the writing has turned into a book of essays. It’s about reconciling perfectionist tendencies with the chaotic world we live in. It’s about starting over in little ways when you need a re-do but don’t want to burn your whole life down. And it’s about what we gain when we revisit all the selves we’ve ever been — while making peace with the fact that each of us gets just one lifetime.

(It’s also about imaginary game shows I play in my closet, what happens if you faint while holding a lit candle, and how not to be a total jackass when you meet a celebrity. Because it *is* me.)

True to form, I wanted to get this book right, so I made myself finish it before I sold it. I’m still a little in shock that as soon as I let it go, someone caught it, but even more, I’m DEEPLY grateful and crazy-excited to work with Trish Todd and the gang at Simon & Schuster / Touchstone to turn it into a real physical object that exists outside my head and my laptop.

There will be a time for more thanks later, but for now, Parnassus Books deserves a shout for giving me the flexibility to do all my jobs in my own weird time, as does my brilliantly calm and wise agent, Kristyn, plus the close circle of friends (especially the four brilliant souls in my writing group) and family (especially the ones who live in my house) who tolerated my fractured attention and cheered me on when I said, “I can’t do it. I’m done. I’m throwing it all away and eating eclairs dipped in whiskey until I die.” Without them, I’d have given up and/or gone nuts. Thank you.

^ That was long, sorry. I’ll work on my elevator pitch before May of 2019, I swear.

One of the me’s I have been, plus a shadow-of-me reading over my shoulder.

(PS: Yes! The book has the same title as this blog. It’s my favorite title for anything, ever. One day I’ll get a cat and name it “I Miss You When I Blink.” My next car will also be named I Miss You When I Blink, as will my first bluegrass album and one-woman show. It’s my favorite title for everything, and I’m going to use it forever. But no, the book is not made out of things from this blog. They just share a name, and maybe a bit of a sense of humor. It’ll be more like the things I write for other outlets.)

(PPS: For updates about it — but even more importantly, for a weekly note with a book recommendation — feel free to sign up for my tinyletter. It’s short and sweet and not spammy.)


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! I’m thrilled for you and jealous because I can’t seem to muster the same confidence in myself and I’m eager to read what you have to say in yet another fantastic format. Name your cat “IMYWIB” it’s pretty cute, actually. Yay MLP! 😊💪🏻❤️🙏🏻

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