Puppies For Everyone… Puppies All Around… PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES

This is nothing but a bunch of squishy, delicious puppy pictures.

For context on who this little one is and where he came from, you can get the full story in my column today for The New York Times. Then you can wallow in some more fuzzy goodness here:

First, let us all take a moment of silence for Phoebe. She was so quiet and weird and wonderful and stubborn and blind and deaf and old and crotchety and sweet, and she can never be replaced. We love you, Pheebs.
photo (7)
Next, let’s just acknowledge that yes, I am of the “Jump Right Back In” school of coping. And to everyone who asked, “Is this REALLY the best time for you to get a new puppy?” let me say: There is never a wrong time for me to have a puppy. All puppies, all the time.
Introducing Eleanor Roosevelt to her new pal, Woodstock.

Looks like it might take some time for them to become friends.

Or… maybe it’ll take no time at all.
I mean, seriously.

If Russian spies wanted to kill me, all they’d have to do is send in a spy-assassin-puppy.

Photo on 8-16-14 at 2.34 PM
I’ll take a drumstick.
No clue what breed he is.

There’s some yellow lab in there, but other than that, who knows? We’re going with “blended heritage.”

“This is my baby brother. Now I shall squash him.”
Hard to tell who’s more grateful for the other.

If you really want to go nuts with puppy goodness, the article at the NYT has video, too. 

Oh, and I just want to holler some thanks at the good folks at the shelter and animal hospital where Woodstock lived before we met him. They took mighty good care of the little guy, and we’re glad.


  1. Love the NYT article and video. Hope Nashville is getting more like home. As for Woodstock, my mother would have said that his breed is Sooner – he would sooner be one thing than another.

  2. OMG such puppy cuteness! Good for you for not letting reason and good sense keep you from doing that which needed to be done. And good for Woodstock and ER, too, of course. Now are you going to be house breaking in addition to house making????

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