Random Penguins

As you may have heard, two big publishing houses have just announced plans to merge. As one combined entity, Random House and Penguin Books would become the largest publisher of consumer books in the world.

(Stay with me – this gets less dorky, I swear.)

Booknerds everywhere, myself included, started wondering what the new company might be called. Book House? Random Books? Penguin House? Igloo?

I wondered about it on Twitter, and Catherine Fain, the super-stylish gal behind the fashion site, Southern Arrondissement, tweeted back. We hatched an idea!

I then spent the rest of my workday imagining little penguins showing up in the middle of books. As comic relief… to break the tension in a particularly dramatic scene… just for kicks…


(Sorry, that didn’t really get less dorky, did it?)

Someone in publishing: Do this.


  1. Thanks.. you brought a “Random” giggle to my morning… apparently dorky works for me.. hey,,,maybe we name the penguin “Dorkie” ???

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